Pauline Ernest

 Pauline Ernest

Surname - Ernest

First name - Pauline

Address for correspondence - E-mail

Nationality - British


Affiliation with educational networks/associations

  • Member: CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction consortium)
  • Member: Eurocall
  • Member: EDEN (European Distance Education Network)
  • Member: IATEFL (International Associaon of teaching English as a foreign language)

Work information


Occupation or position currently held

Director of Language Programm

Main activities and responsibilities


Name of employer

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Country of employment


Education and training

Relevant qualifications or training

BA Hons English French

RSA DIP TEFL Royal Society of Arts

2006 Webbased training course: "Support and Tutoring of Virtual Learning Communities", Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung (InWent), Germany

Languages of communication


Mother tongue    



Other languages

Spanish, Catalan, French, German


Project experience


to the project

As director of the Language Programme at the all-online Universiat Oberta de Catalunya I am responsible for the coordination of language courses, production of materials and training of online tutors (approximately 5000 students, 90 tutors). My role within the project team would be to contribute the accumulated expertise acquired at the UOC since it was founded in 1997, focusing on the specific needs of e-learning, teacher development and classroom management in relation to large groups of students/teachers working online.



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