Regine Hampel

 Regine Hampel


Surname - Hampel

First name - Regine

Address for correspondence - E-mail

Nationality - German


Affiliation with educational networks/associations

Higher Education Academy (Fellow), BAAL (member), BAAL Multimodality SIG (committee member), EuroCALL (member), Women in German Studies (member)

Work information


Occupation or position
currently held

Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages (German)

Main activities and responsibilitie

Teaching, research and administration

Name of employer

The Open University

Country of employment


Education and training

Relevant qualifications or training

  • PhD, University of Tübingen/Germany
  • Master of Arts, University of Tübingen/Germany
  • 1. Staatsexamen, University of Tübingen/Germany

Languages of communication


Mother tongue



Other languages

English, Spanish


Project experience

Medienpass: Medienkompetenz für Sprachenlehrer als Blended Learning Kurs (Leonardo da Vinci Programme): ongoing

Using the VLE to foster online language learning (funded by the Open University and the British Academy): international conference presentations (2007), Stickler, U. and R. Hampel (in press) "What I think works well...": Learners’ evaluation and actual usage of online tools.  Interactive Computer Aided Learning Proceedings, September 26 - 28, 2007 Villach/Austria, article in preparation.

Online task design (funded by the Open University and the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies). See Hampel, R. (2006) Rethinking task design for the digital age: A framework for language teaching and learning in a synchronous online environment. ReCALL 18 (1), 105–121. 


Expertise in the topic of the proposed project


Practice in the field 


Other relevant experience



Experience with language teaching;

Experience with online language learning, both in terms of teaching/course development  (including training tutors to teach online) and research;

Experience with distance language learning, both in terms of teaching/course development and research.


Hampel, R. & M.N. Lamy (2007) Online Communication in Language Learning and Teaching. Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics Series (eds. C. Candlin & D. Hall). Palgrave.

Stickler, U. and R. Hampel (2007) Designing online tutor training for language courses: a case study. Open Learning 22 (1), 75-85

Hampel, R. and M. Hauck (2006) Computer-mediated language learning: Making meaning in multimodal virtual learning spaces. The JALT CALL Journal 2 (2), 3–18.

Hampel, R. and U. Stickler (2005) New skills for new classrooms: Training tutors to teach languages online. Computer Assisted Language Learning 18 (4), 311–326.

Hampel, R. and M. Hauck (2004) Towards an effective use of audio conferencing in distance language courses. Language Learning and Technology, 8 (1), 66–82.


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