Project description

Developing Online Teaching Skills
Subtitle:  Bite-size Training for Language Professionals

Medium-term project 2008-2011

Project working languages: English, German

Thematic strand:
Continuity in language learning

Expected results and output:

This project will encourage new forms of teaching and learning languages and improve the quality of online language education. It will:

  • identify teachers' ICT training needs by enquiry and observation;
  • collect reflective activities (website);
  • disseminate DOTS materials, cascade results and training experience.


    • guidelines for writing training materials;
    • training kit: DOTS project website with bite-size activities for online language teaching, reflective activity suggestions and collaborative tools for sharing experiences of "self-training".

Target audience for the activities planned within the project: 

    •     teacher working as multipliers in networks;
    •     teacher educators.  

Target audience for the project results:

    •     teachers;
    •     teacher educators.  

Sector of education focussed on:

    •     colleges, university;
    •     teacher education;
    •     adult education, workplace;
    •     continuing education.



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