Expected Results

This project will encourage new forms of teaching and learning languages and improve the quality of online language education.

• Identify teachers’ ICT training needs by enquiry and observation;
• Evaluate bite-size training materials by participants and experts;
• Collect reflective activities (website);
• Disseminate DOTS materials, cascade results and training experience after the formal end of the project.

• Guidelines for writing training materials;
• Training kit: DOTS project website with bite-size activities for online language teaching, reflective activity suggestions and collaborative tools for sharing experiences of "self-training".

Example for a training sequence:
a) written introduction into using wikis for collaborative writing practice;
b) web trawl of educational and well-known wikis: guided search with reflective note-taking;
c) introduction to setting up a  wiki with practical guidance;
d) setting up collaborative writing tasks in own wiki;
e) quiz on use of wikis in language  teaching;
f) share experience with other language teachers in a forum.


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