Learning languages through the use of online technologies allows learners to simultaneously develop key competences in technology, language and learning to learn. Teachers can promote the continued interest in foreign languages and cultures through the use of up-to-date technology. For this purpose, teachers need to develop and maintain their online teaching skills.

The aim of the project is:

  • to enable language teachers to develop their online teaching skills independently with the help of bite-size self-training materials and reflective activities;
  • to provide equal access to online training materials in all ECML member states in a cost-effective way (i.e. Moodle);
  • to enable teachers to promote the use of new media and technology amongst their students during and after their formal language courses;
  • to encourage collaborative work amongst language teachers at different stages of expertise in online teaching.

Specific objectives

  1. identify concrete training needs for online language teachers;
  2. develop guidelines for the production of training materials;
  3. create, pilot and evaluate approximately 20 bite-size training activities for online language teachers;
  4. develop guidance for reflective activities and independent collaborative work;
  5. disseminate the materials and guidance via a website.

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