Processes/products to evaluate Indicators of achievement Evaluation method Evaluation schedule
Strategies for accessing non-formal/informal teaching settings. Guidelines on adaptations of existing activities Observation of language mentors during the first workshop and feedback collected during and after the workshop. 2012 (first workshop)
Adaptations of DOTS activities. Positive feedback; ECML evaluation; use of adapted activities; use of website / workspace. Questionnaire at the first workshop; feedback collected during the workshop; ECML post-workshop questionnaires; feedback on the website; hits on the website (times downloaded; rating). Continuous: 2012-2013 (first workshop); constant on the website.
Establishment of a self-sustaining community of practice. Involvement of workshop participants and other language mentors as well as of external experts and the project team; inflow of new users
positive feedback from users
communication exchanges on the workspace (e.g. forums).
Website activity (hits, contributions, discussions, questions; numbers of users).

Feedback collected during workshops and online.

Continuous: 2013
Templates for activities Positive feedback from language mentors; usage of templates
upload of new activities / content.

Feedback collected during the second workshop and online (questionnaire, observation)
website activity (hits, discussions, number of users).

2013 regional workshop and online



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