Final MoreDOTS Expert Meeting in Graz, 25-26 November 2013

The final MoreDOTS expert meeting provided an opportunity for the team to look back on what we have achieved and to plan forward. Over the past two years of the project we have had many opportunities to reach our target audience – language mentors in informal and non-formal situations – in a variety of ways. Most importantly, we were able to establish new contacts in the informal/non-formal teaching community and share our pedagogic approach during workshops. New postings on the DOTS workspace demonstrate that the DOTS message of integrating pedagogy and technology has reached its intended audience, with workshop participants freely sharing their newly developed ideas and suggestions for good practice in online language teaching.

Based on our experience of MoreDOTS, we have extended our own understanding of teachers’ needs and use of information and communication technologies in formal, non-formal and informal environments. Although teachers in non-formal and informal environments have been a relatively recent target group for the MoreDOTS team, we are pleased to see that DOTS and MoreDOTS can be seamlessly integrated and that formal training as a language teacher is not a prerequisite for using our materials for continuing professional development. All participants have been invited to contribute new activities and ideas, and we will continue to engage them in the growing community of practice.

MoreDOTS Regional Workshop in Zagreb, 8-10 May 2013


The MoreDOTS team met with 13 very enthusiastic language educators working in diverse non-formal and informal language teaching and learning contexts, from migrant education to heritage languages. The aim of this workshop was to share the activities available on the project's Moodle workspace, some of which had been developed specifically for use in non-formal and informal teaching, and to draw on the participants' expertise for developing new activities which would later be integrated on the workspace. The workshop was enhanced by a presentation from Prof Jim Cummins, a Canadian specialist in promoting literacy in mulitlingual contexts. This presentation was delivered live via Skype and triggered a lively discussion by participants on aspects special to teaching languages in non-formal and informal contexts. On 11 May 2013 the MoreDOTS team gave a seminar to 15 students of the Phd programme in language teaching methodology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb, thus further disseminating the pedagogical approach inherent in all the MoreDOTS activities.

DOTS workshops in cooperation with the association ‘Europäisches Fremdsprachenzentrum‘ (Provincial Government of Styria) in Austria

From March to November 2013 members of the MoreDOTS team will offer a series of ten workshops in different academic institutions throughout Austria. These workshops are offered as part of the association’s program: Connecting tertiary education experts – CONTEXT. They aim to introduce language teachers working in adult, further and higher education to the wealth of opportunities for self-training in the use of ICT and collaboration provided on the MoreDOTS Moodle platform.

More DOTS Expert Meeting in Graz, 18-19 March 2013

The MoreDOTS team met at the ECML offices in Graz to prepare their next Regional Workshop, which will take place on 8–9 May, 2013 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. The aim of the workshop is to introduce language teaching practitioners working in formal, non-formal and informal settings to the DOTS Moodle workspace and to help them to integrate ICT into their teaching contexts.

A substantial part of the Expert Meeting focused on the changes which need to be made to the MoreDOTS workspace to facilitate its use by teachers working in informal and non-formal settings. As part of these changes the MoreDOTS team is developing a new wiki, with revised learning objectives and descriptions of different online learning tools, which will co-exist alongside the current Moodle workspace. A sample of these activities will be piloted in the Zagreb Workshop.

Once again our thanks go to the fabulous ECML team, who are always on hand to accommodate our last-minute wishes and who are an invaluable help in all our activities.

More DOTS Workshop in Graz, 30-31 October 2012


Another great workshop in Graz! The overall objective of the workshop was to provide forum for discussion on informal and non-formal learning and teaching of languages, and the role of technology and pedagogy in this process. Three groups of participants took part in the event: individuals acting as mentors or tutors, supporting learning of languages by direct or indirect means in non-formal or informal settings; language teachers in formal contexts; and policy and decision makers. The aims of the workshop were threefold: firstly to raise participants’ awareness of the potential of technology in formal, informal and non-formal contexts and the important role of pedagogy; secondly, to disseminate the results of the DOTS project; and thirdly to discuss the needs of language mentors or tutors working in non-formal or informal settings with regard to combining pedagogy and technology. To achieve these aims, the participants engaged in a number of online and face-to-face activities (e.g. tandem learning, forum and wiki use), shared their best practice, found out about the best practice of others (Robert O’Dowd presented his telecollaboration projects via an online presentation), tried out existing activities on the project workspace (, and discussed the needs of language mentors.

The workshop was a great success. Our discussions – formal and informal, online and offline – were lively, constructive and positive. New contacts were established, new online tools shared and new face-to-face language learning activities presented. We learned of a variety of informal and non-formal contexts where languages are learned (amongst young people in Slovenia, the Roma community in Sweden, immigrant women in Iceland, and Russian speaking Estonians in a new online environment).

Encouraged by these new contacts and experiences, the project team has decided to re-design the DOTS workspace in the near future in order to make it more accessible and more user-friendly for informal and non-formal language mentors. This should enable colleagues who have not received formal training in language teaching to make better  use of the available DOTS training units

As always, the atmosphere in Graz at the European Centre for Modern Languages was warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Participants and workshop leaders were given a warm welcome and everybody really enjoyed the good company and the tasty food.

More DOTS Targeted Support: Workshop in Warsaw, 24 September 2012

The second pilot of the targeted support activity will take place in Warsaw, Poland at the “ICTs and Social Media in Language Education” conference (, programmed as part of the European Day of Languages ( It will be a 2-hour event for teachers, teacher trainers and decision makers from the Polish education system. Its aim will be to raise awareness about the importance of integrating pedagogical principles in using ICTs in language education. At the same time this workshop will ensure a  dialogue between all three groups of participants with regard to current obstacles in integrating ICTs in their practice and discuss ways to overcome these obstacles.

More DOTS has started their Targeted Support activity

The MORE DOTS ( team is currently in the piloting stage of its targeted support activity which is part of the ECML’s new program strand. This includes piloting the organization of the workshop by offering it to different audiences. The first pilot took place in Graz, Austria, and was organized through the Verein EFSZ (  and the Pädagogische Hochschule Graz in cooperation with the ECML ( as part of regular in-service training. It was a 2-hour workshop, which provided a large number of awareness raising hands-on activities to language teachers on integrating technology and pedagogy in their classroom. It was conducted in German, included an online and offline element, and a post-workshop online meeting.

First expert meeting, 12-14 March 2012

Following its hugely successful first project the "DOTS" team has started their new project "Using Open Resources to Develop Online Teaching Skills" ("More DOTS") with an Expert Meeting that took place from 12-14 March at ECML in Graz. The aim of this mediation project is to make a wide range of stakeholders aware of the teaching and training resources available on the DOTS Moodle platform and to stimulate a growing community of practice on the platform. The stakeholders that the project will target in particular include language mentors (individuals working as language teachers in formal, non-formal and informal settings).

During the meeting the team decided on the details of the annual plan, worked on the project website, planned the first workshop and started to reach out to individuals and organisations involved in non-formal and informal language teaching and learning. In addition, a strategy for contacting related ECML projects was devised.

Another focus of the meeting was to finalise a book proposal based on the results of the "DOTS" project which will help reach stakeholders.

It was great to be in Graz again and to enjoy the creative support and energy of the ECML team. Thank you!


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