More DOTS brings together specialists in language teaching, teacher training and online technology, as well as external experts dealing with formal, non-formal and informal learning, online communities and online teaching. The project mediates the results of DOTS, providing the pedagogical and technological support to "language mentors" (individuals working as language teachers in formal, non-formal and informal contexts). We will develop a self-sustaining online community of practice using the Moodle platform, with four components: (1) the constant mutual support provided by a community-of-practice; (2) best-practice examples linking pedagogy with online technology; (3) adaptations of the existing DOTS activities to informal/non-formal teaching tailored to the users' specific context; (4) bite-size templates enabling informal/non-formal language educators to construct and upload new activities. The project targets individuals who teach languages formally, non-formally (e.g. educators of other subjects) and informally (e.g. volunteers working with migrants), and may not have any formal training as language teachers. Their newly-acquired skills of language pedagogy and online technologies will facilitate individualized access to learners; the self-sustaining platform will ensure cascading after the end of the project. The project is guided by the theoretical principles of socio-constructivism, in terms of pedagogy and technology.

More DOTS: What is it all about

The project at a glance in a short presentation:

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Project workshop in 2012 - if you wish to participate click here and contact your National Nominating Authority